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Will You Be Playing Warlords Of Draenor?

Warlords Of Draenor will be releasing sometime around September/October of 2014. But the question is, will you be playing WoD when it releases?

Warlords Of Draenor

To get to a quick answer, yes i will give it a try. But the previous expansion Mists Of Pandaria had a lot of downsides. I never liked LFR and never will. It ruins item progression/raid progression. In early Cata or more famously WOTLK the progression system was a lot more smooth without as much repeats as they have today. Back then PvE progression was as the following: Ding to 80! > Heroics > Low tier raids (Naxx) > Medium tier raids (Ulduar/ToC) > High tier raids (Icc) > Heroic modes. WOTLK’s PvE progression makes so much sense, each time you finish a tier you move to new content that is fresh. The infamous MoP PvE progression: Ding to 90! > Heroics > LFR > Normal raids (no LFR) > Medium/High tier raids > Heroics.

The problem with that PvE progression system is that it makes you bored after the first few LFR runs. Then finally when you are done gearing up in LFR you move to the normal raids to get your gear. There you had to do the same raid over again, the only slight difference was that normals were and are harder than LFR.

It’s sad to see the PvE progression system crumble, as Blizzard is serving the more “casual” players. But i hope WoD of Draenor is going to mend that problem. When they announced WoD at Blizzcon they also discussed what the new PvE progression system would be like.

WoD PvE progression system

With the new PvE progression coming in WoD i hope that we will have the option to skip past LFR and go right to Flexible raids (Normals).

Besides LFR WoD looks really solid. I have always wanted to visit Draenor ever since i was told about it. I am okay with a time travel expansion as it will really bring us into the past of Warcraft’s history with a little twist. With the  new zones  coming out content will not be a problem. You will be able to choose in which zone you feel like leveling in rather than being stuck with only one option.

Map of Draenor

The last thing i want to address is “get your 90 for free”.  With WoD release everyone will be able to boost at least one character to level 90. I see this as not a big problem. With WoW there has been so much expansions and new content it would take a good amount of time for you to level another character. So this is not a big problem but buying a 90 is a whole different story, although that is a discussion for a different day.

In the end ill give WoD a try. WoD has all new content and thats what i love about WoW, each expansion give you the sensation to come back.

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So will you be playing Warlords Of Draenor?