Wildstar – LonelyProgrammerIsland

We all know of World Of Warcraft’s Designer Island:

Now that you have seen a few pictures, curious? Well guess what! There is one in Wildstar too. It’s Called…  the LonelyProgrammerIsland. On the Island they must be testing all types of things such as tiles, styles, features and other crazy developer stuff. Here is a nice look at the island:


If you didn’t notice what it says in the upper right on the map, take a closer look:

Now i know this seems like a silly thing to write about. But everyone always theorized about designer island/programmer island and GM Island in World Of Warcraft.  Some people claimed to have gotten to those areas within WoW and others say those places were just fake. But maybe Carbine might leave this mysterious island for us to one day find ourselves there? Maybe a group of people will glitch there way onto the island. Now this island isn’t called the LonelyProgrammerIsland for nothing… there is most likely nothing to do… but the mystery of such a place is thrilling. Maybe it might be years into the game before someone ever finds this place. For all we know it could be removed right after this post or on launch day. Things like this make a video game just a little more interesting…


If you want to see more pictures of the island go here: http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/news/wildstar_ui_20_preview_less_is_more.php


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