Guild Wars 2 – How to earn 10g per hour

Hello everyone! Today i will be showing you guys a farming spot in the Iron marches that can make you over 10g per hour!


1. Waypoint to Waypoint (map icon).png Firewatch Encampment Waypoint which is located in  Gladefall Run.

Gladefall Run map.jpg

2. Go to the bridge north of the Waypoint and let all the guards from this event die. Event shield (map icon).pngDefend mortar operators from Flame Legion as they set up mortars event

3. Once all the guards are dead you can then stand on the bridge and farm the Flame Legion Soldiers. This is were the money comes in. Linen scraps (click on the link for the current price) sell for a high amount of silver per. You do not get Linen scraps directly but you get them from  Medium Ritual Bag.png Medium Ritual Bags (click on the link for drop table). These bags give you anywhere from 1-3 linen scraps per and it is possible to earn about 30-45 bags per event which lasts 25 minutes.

4. Once the event ends you then proceed to the second chain event of this farming method. The second event Event flag (map icon).pngStop the Flame Legion from capturing Firewatch Encampment does not earn you as much as it does with the first event. That being said you can still obtain a considerable amount of bags from this event. Once You finish the second event the first one will start again.

5. Rinse and repeat.

If you found the guide confusing watch the video!


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