Guild Wars 2 – Crafting Guides

Here at SGU we will not be providing any crafting guides on how to get from 1-400 or 1-500 or anything related to that. Instead we believe that other sites have done a great job with this. If you are looking to level a certain craft skill in Guild Wars 2 you can always check They have great guides on crafting, there guides always include the price of the craft and the money you will earn in return. An example would be:

In all of there guides they will tell you what items you will need like:

The number next to the name tells you have much you will need to buy.

If you worried about certain recipes that you will need to craft don’t be! They tell you exactly what you need to discover certain recipes.

The guides on the website will tell you everything you need to know about the craft you want to level. Personally i found this site very useful to level my crafting. If you guys ever need to level a crafting skill this website will definitely help you out.


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